About Susan's Holistic Massage

I am a professional experienced trustworthy and licensed massage therapist. I went to massage school at Therapeutic Connections of Massage in Spokane Washington. I took an extended Hawaiian Lomilomi class and hot stone therapy. I will continue to take extended classes to increase my knowledge and technique in massage.


I worked in the corporate world and in customer relations in  banking and in the insurance industry. I never felt quite fulfilled. I always had passion to help and heal others even at a young age.

I finally followed my dream and went to massage school. I now can use my healing ability. I strive to be the best massage therapist and I am always willing to listen to my clients. My goal is to release chronic pain tension, and fatigue. Massage is also known to reduce blood pressure, release toxins, vertigo, and help with posture.

 Massage on a regular basis keeps the body balanced and in harmony.